Long Island's Doctor Who Convention
November 10-12, 2017
Hyatt Regency Long Island

Fan Discussion Panels Looking for Panelists

| L.I. Who 5

Would you like to be a panelist on fan discussion panels at L.I. Who 5? If you've already purchased a pass to L.I. Who 5, you may apply by sending your requests to davistb@aol.com.

List the panels you'd like to sit in on, your name and email, what days you are attending the convention, and if you have any special passes to L.I. Who like the Master Plan or Valeyard. List any qualifications as a panelist (even if it's just because you're a big fan). If you applied last year, then we have your qualifications already on file.

Not all of these panels will make it into the schedule, only the most popular of these panels will make the cut.

All applicants will be notified if you are chosen or not. Deadline for applying is October 8.

The Convention Hours are Friday noon to 12 AM, Saturday 10 AM to 12 AM, and Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM. Be aware that L.I. Who programming starts early and runs very late. Good luck!

Panel Programs

Romana II, That's Who!

A fan discussion of the Fourth Doctor's companion Romana played by Lalla Ward.

Religion in Doctor Who (Sunday)

There are many references to various religious orders, some positive (the Sisters of Plenitude), some not so much (Headless Monks). Does the show take a positive or negative view on spirituality separately from religion?

The Doctors Discussion

Bill, Pat, Jon, Tom, Peter, Colin, Sylvester, Paul, John, Chris, David, Matt, Peter, and Jodie.

Chibnall and I

Fan discussion of what we expect from new producer Chris Chibnall.

From Serving Chips to Cybermen: The Bill Potts Panel

This panel will take a close look at Bill's character development throughout Season 10. Was her plot problematic or a symptom of Moffat fatigue? What will her exit from the story look like?

100% Rebel Time Lord: The Twelfth Doctor's Journey

Over the course of three series, Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor went from "Am I a good man?" to "just be kind," a character arc unlike any Doctor before him. We'll discuss how it played out and possible roots in previous Doctors.

The Science of Who

Call it science fiction or science fantasy, but within Doctor Who science abounds! Our panelists look at how science is used well, not so well, or just completely ignored.

Man about the TARDIS

An overview of the male companions in Doctor Who throughout the history of the show. And some "almosts" like Frank Skinner.

The Originals, You Might Say: The Earliest Companions

A look at the Hartnell-era companions, including some of their extended adventures in the books and audios. Also, the 2018 Second Doctor Companions.

The Stand-Alone Doctor Who Stories

A panel of experts pick the top Doctor Who stories to show a non-fan friend who isn't weighed down with backstory. We'll discuss why these make great entry points for potential new fans.

Education through Doctor Who

A panel of educators of various content areas and age levels discuss what roles Doctor Who can play in our teaching. What astronomy lessons can a middle school science teacher bring to the classroom? For a history teacher, what lessons about civil rights and race can we explore when Martha or Bill visit an historical period on Earth with the Doctor? Could a high-school English teacher compare the Doctor's soliloquies in "Hell Bent" or his "Truth or Consequences" speech to others found throughout literature? How much has the show stayed true to its educational origins despite the science fiction element?

It's All Canonical Now

The Doctor has name dropped companions and adventures not seen on TV. They happened and did exist but from where? Find out here as we discuss what can be surmised about the unseen adventures.

Race and the Doctor

Discussion of the show's portrayal of non-white ethnicities. What worked, what didn't, and how to improve today's Doctor Who for a more inclusive audience. Examples from classic and modern eras include: "Tomb of the Cybermen," "The Talons of Weng-Chiang," "Four to Doomsday," "Remembrance of the Daleks," comedien Lenny Henry, Mickey and Martha, "The Shakespeare Code," "Flatline," and Bill.

Mr. Smith Goes to Gallifrey

Explore the Time Lords' relationship to the rest of Gallifrey. Is regeneration a genetic modification upon academy graduation? How do the "barbarians" of outer Gallifrey feel about their glass-domed monarchy? Did the post-Rassilon Time Lords still kidnap aliens to fight in Death Zones?

World's Worst Doctor Who Story Ideas

We all know that the TARDIS can go anywhere, but are there some places the Doctor just shouldn't visit? Bring your ideas for the worst Doctor Who crossovers and terrible trips to share during our interactive panel.

Making a Home in Fandom

The power of finding your tribe. Sharing stories of how each of us found like-minded people and friends in the Doctor Who Fandom.

Professor Bernice Summerfield: The Original Archeologist

Let us celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of this endearing and enduring character: Benny Surprise Summerfield. This panel will discuss the history of this amazing character who has appeared in over ninety books and over ninety audio adventures. We will discuss the essential stories and suggest good jumping on points.

Martha Jones: The Woman who Walked the Earth.

She wasn't a bad wolf or a girl who waited or impossible, but Martha Jones had a career before the Doctor, and once she saved him (and the whole world along with) she knew enough to walk away. Join us as we celebrate Martha Jones, her bravery, her resourcefulness, her strength, and how she is so much more than Rebound Girl.

Companions of a Certain Age

Discussing older women's roles in Doctor Who. Who have been the most influential? How have women's roles changes? Has age determined the nature of the Doctor / Companion relationship?

Sarah Jane Adventures

Some Classic Doctor Who monsters, a group of children, a genius computer hidden away in the attic, some camp, and one beloved companion is what seems to be the recipe for a hit Doctor Who spinoff series! Join our panelists as we discuss just what made The__Sarah Jane Adventures magical.

Whovian Tourism

Though the Doctor Who Experience closed this year, there are still plenty of Doctor Who related sights to see in Cardiff, London, and beyond. Panelists discuss their trips to these places and provide advice to help you plan your dream Whovian vacation.

Comfort Food Episodes

For many of us, Doctor Who is a comforting constant in our lives. When everything else in the world seems terrible, we know we can always rely on the Doctor to take us away to a happy place. These go-to episodes are the TV equivalent of a warm blanket and chicken soup. What is it about those stories that makes them so therapeutic? Join us for this interactive panel and help compile a list of episodes for all your emotional needs. Our panel will get things started as they share which episodes they turn to if they're in a "pint of ice cream mood" or a "celebratory beer" mood, and we'll encourage the audience to share their stories as well.

Do Regeneration Stories Regenerate?

The Doctor will fall, but a new one always rises. Regeneration has kept Doctor Who alive for over five decades, but how has the regeneration story evolved over the years? Each Doctor's final moments have revealed much about their essential personality and era of the show. No matter what you think of "The End of Time" it's hard to deny that "I don't want to go" is the perfect final utterance for the Tenth Doctor. Let's examine what regeneration stories have said about sacrifice, change, and death—all common themes writers have explored in these stories. And given all this, what should we expect to see from Peter Capaldi's final episode as the Doctor?

Class Dismissed

With the cancellation of Class, our panel contrasts what it takes to be a successful Doctor Who spin-off?

Classic Who serials vs. the Modern Format?

What are the pros and cons of the serial format of the classic series and the same of the new episodic format. How do multiple-part stories of the new series compare to an classic multi-part story?

The Next Era of Who and Trek: Is the Future Female?

Star Trek Discovery is poised to have strong female leads and obviously Doctor Who is. This panel discusses the long-awaited merits of female role models in science fiction's greatest series.

"Return to Mondas"

The classic designs of the Cyberman are back. What does the future hold for the Cybermen? Why have certain characters been able to reverse the conversion. Truly special? Or Moffat cop out?

Doctor Who Fanonymous

Doctor Who fans recount their own stories, desires, adventures, misadventures, trials, and tribulations about being a Doctor Who fan in this fun, safe, and open forum! How did you become a Whovian? How did you feel when "your" Doctor regenerated? Share and tell!

Doctor Who: Showrunners in Time and Space

As we say farewell to Steven Moffat and await the arrival of new showrunner Chris Chibnall, we will discuss the history of how the role of producer/showrunner has effected Doctor Who from casting to canon. From Verity Lambert to Jon Nathan Turner to Russell T. Davies, we'll look back at the good, the bad, and the timey wimey all the way to Moffat and discuss our hopes for Chibnall's run!

Doctor Who: 2017 in Review

We said hello to Bill, goodbye to Bill, Nardole, Missy, and next Christmas a farewell to Capaldi and Moffat. Join us for an open forum discussion of this season, what you liked, what you didn't, and discuss thoughts about the impending Christmas finale of Capaldi's run, the return of the First Doctor, and the very beginning of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth!

Intro to Big Finish

With over two hundred individual stories from Classic and now New Who Doctors, getting into Big Finish might seem a bit daunting. This panel offers recommendations on where to begin in the wonderful world of Big Finish.

A Beginners Guide to the Doctor Who Expanded Universe

A panel of fans offer suggestions on where to start. There are novels, comics, and audios. How do they differ in tone and content from the TV show? Recommendations will be made on where new fans can start.

The First Doctor: "I Shall Come Back"

The First Doctor is coming back to us in the 2017 Christmas special. Let's explore the many faces of the First Doctor.

Where Hasn't the Doctor Been?

A round-table discussion of things the Doctor hasn't done yet and places in history he hasn't been. Where would we like to see him go? How about places to link story continuity that we've always wondered about?

Man of 1000 Faces: The Masters

Whether it was disguises he wore or regenerations he made, we have seen many Masters but there can only be one. Discuss the Masters many adventures and where he / she may turn up next.

Who Were the Best/Worst Villains?

All villains all the time in this discussion. If you hated them, were they the best villains?

Big Finish: To Recast or Not to Recast?

At one time, it was considered taboo to recast a Doctor or companion in Big Finish's audio drama Doctor Who Stories. Now its common place with the Third Doctor, the Second Doctor's companion Ben Jackson, and even a new Romana. Is the fan base happy with this? Should the trend continue?

Prop-making Workshop

Whether it's making Dalek bumps or building your own TARDIS, the panelists show how they recreated items seen on the show. Builders of all levels of experience are welcome to ask our panelists' advice. If you have a finished prop, our panelists would love to see your work!