Paul McGann

Paul McGann is best known to Doctor Who fans as the Eighth incarnation of our favorite Time Lord. He starred in the 1996 Doctor Who movie, a joint venture by the BBC and Fox Television. The Eighth Doctor’s adventures continue thanks to Big Finish Productions audio dramas. He made a stunning and surprising appearance in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary prequel “The Night of the Doctor” where we learn the fate of the Eighth Doctor and won over millions of new Doctor Who fans!

Paul has an extensive acting resume that includes television appearances on “Ripper Street” and “Horatio Hornblower”. He is a series regular as Mark North in the critically acclaimed BBC series “Luther”. His film credits include “Alien 3” and the cult classic “Withnail and I”.

Colin Baker

Big Finish is pleased to announce that Colin Baker will appear at Long Island Doctor Who to promote the new release of “The Worlds of Doctor Who”, a special Limited Collector’s Edition with four new stories, plus talk about his long run as the Sixth Doctor on audio.

2014 is the thirtieth anniversary of Colin’s debut as the Sixth Doctor on television, but it wasn’t his first appearance on Doctor Who. He portrayed Commander Maxil in the Fifth Doctor story “Arc of Infinity”, which returns the Doctor to Gallifrey. Colin also guest starred in another British sci-fi favorite: Blake’s 7. He stole the show as Bayban the Butcher in the episode “City at the Edge of the World”.

Colin appears courtesy of Alien Entertainment (Big Finish’s U.S. Distributors). Look for many special offers at their booth as they celebrate 15 years of Doctor Who audios from Big Finish.

Yee Jee Tso

Of more than 60 professional film, television, and stage credits, Yee Jee’s sci-fi roster includes recurring roles on Sliders and Stargate Atlantis, as well as appearances in Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Continuum, The 4400, and of course, as Chang Lee in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. Big Finish reunited him with Doctor Who co-star Daphne Ashbrook in the Companion Chronicles series Tales from the Vault and Mastermind as Warrant Officer Charlie Sato.

Daphne Ashbrook

Daphne Ashbrook portrayed the eighth Doctor’s companion, Dr. Grace Holloway, in the 1996 Fox TV movie. She was the first American to portray a companion on Doctor Who and shared the first on-screen kiss with the Doctor.

She was also seen in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Melora as the title character. Daphne most recently starred in the hit Nick at Nite show Hollywood Heights.

Nicola Bryant

Nicola Bryant comes to Long Island for a very rare east coast convention appearance!

Nicola’s first professional role was playing the American companion Peri in Doctor Who opposite both Peter Davison and Colin Baker; a part she played for 3 years. Other TV credits include Black Adder’s a Christmas CarolCasualty; CravingsWild SeedAnimal ArkDoctors; Holby City; Love in Hyde Park; My Family (twice); the award winning comedy 10% ers, and 3 series of The Biz. Last year Nicola was seen on the quiz show Pointless Celebrities. Film credits include Parting Shots; Stargazer, Summoned by Shadows; More than a Messiah; The Airzone Solution; Just Another Page; The Theory of Everything; The Telegram Boy; The Untold Story; The Wager; and the controversial drama documentary on Princess Diana’s inquest, There are Dark Forces.

Nicola is regularly featured in Big Finish Productions, for whom she also directed episodes of Judge Dredd and Unit (with David Tennant). Nicola has particularly enjoyed the challenge of recording “Piscon Paradox”, her companion chronicle and in 2013 she was thrilled to record the award winning novel “The Emergence of Judy Taylor” by Angela Jackson. This year Nicola is very excited to be recording a new trilogy of stories involving Peri and the Sixth Doctor.

Nina Toussaint-White

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Nina Toussaint-White will not be appearing this weekend.

Nina Toussaint-White portrayed the iconic Doctor Who character Mels (later revealed to be River Song!) in the Eleventh Doctor story “Let’s Kill Hitler”. Nina also appeared in the 2009 series Primeval. We’re thrilled to welcome Nina for her first New York convention appearance.

Frazer Hines

Frazer Hines portrayed one of the most beloved characters in Doctor Who history, the Second Doctor’s long time companion Jamie McCrimmon. Frazer has quickly become quite a “rockstar” with the discovery of two missing classics “Enemy of the World” and “Web of Fear”.

His new book, 50 Shades of Frazer, highlights in photographs, a career that spans decades. “The Piper’s Lament” is his original audio drama which expands the story of our favorite kilted Highlander. He is always a delight and we’re pleased to have him join us again.

Emma Campbell-Jones

Emma Campbell-Jones made quite an impression on the Eighth Doctor and on Doctor Who fans as “Cass”, the companion who almost was, in “Night of the Doctor”. This wasn’t Emma’s first encounter with the Doctor. She worked with Matt Smith and company in “The Wedding of River Song” as Dr. Kent. This beautiful and talented actress has made appearances on Red Dwarf, Silent Witness, and recently Law and Order: UK. Emma Campbell-Jones is a star on the rise and now we’ll get a chance to see why the Doctor was quite smitten with her!

Wendy Padbury

Wendy Padbury played the brilliant astrophysicist Zoe Heriot during the Second Doctor’s final season. She joined the crew of the Tardis in “Wheel in Space” and remained until the epic ten part story “Wargames”. Her on-screen chemistry with co-stars Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines endeared her to Doctor Who fans. Wendy returned to the show for the twentieth anniversary story “The Five Doctors”. Recently she joined the Doctor Who audio drama cast for Big Finish Productions. We are delighted to welcome this charming lady for a very rare east coast appearance.

Terrance Dicks

Our guest of honor for this year’s convention is legendary Doctor Who writer and script editor Terrance Dicks. Mr. Dicks began working on the show during the Patrick Troughton era and became script editor during the Jon Pertwee years. He has written (and co-written) some of the most iconic stories in the history of Doctor Who. “The War Games” (co-written with Malcolm Hulke), “Robot”, “Horror of Fang Rock”, “Brain of Morbius” (under a bland pseudonym), “State of Decay”, and the 20th Anniversary masterpiece “The Five Doctors” are among his credits. Terrance also wrote two stage plays: “Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys To Doomsday” (co-starring Wendy Padbury) and “Doctor Who – The Ultimate Adventure”.

Terrance is also a prolific author, penning dozens of Doctor Who titles for Target, Virgin, and BBC Books. L.I. Who 2 is the perfect chance to have your books signed!

Deborah Watling

Deborah Watling portrayed the Second Doctor’s companion Victoria Waterfield. She joined the Tardis crew in “Evil of the Daleks” and has also encountered the Cybermen, the Yeti, the Great Intelligence, and the Ice Warriors.

Two of stories from Deborah’s time on the show were recently recovered, “The Enemy of the World” and “Web of Fear”. She joins Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury in our salute to the Patrick Troughton era!

You can add Ms. Watling to our list of rare east coast appearances.

Terry Molloy

Terry Molloy is best known to Doctor Who fans as Davros, the evil genius creator of the Daleks. He first appeared as the character during the Fifth Doctor story “Resurrection of the Daleks”. Terry guest starred twice during Colin Baker’s time on the show. First as mercenary Russell in “Attack of the Cybermen” and later as Davros in “Revelation of the Daleks” with fellow L.I. Who 2 guest Colin Spaull. After his final appearance on television as Davros in “Rememberance of the Daleks” he brought the character to life for Big Finish Productions in audio form.

Colin Spaull

Colin Spaull is among a small band of actors who have appeared in the Classic and the New series of Doctor Who. Apart from Colin Baker (Revelation of the Daleks) and David Tennant (Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel), Colin has worked with two other Doctors, Paul McGann in “Grand Theft Cosmos” for Big Finish Productions and Peter Davison in “The Last Detective”. Colin’s other Big Finish Productions include “The Dalek Empire” and more recently, “Graceless”.

Dominic Glynn

Dominic GlynnLegendary composer/musician Dominic Glynn, best known for his 1986 version of the Doctor Who theme, will be performing at a special concert to kick off the L.I. Who 2 weekend. The “Trial of a Time Lord” composer will also appear at Time-Flight Concert: A Celebration of Long Island Doctor Who on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at a unique venue: The Long Island MacArthur Airport.

Dominic Glynn will be performing selections from his June 16th release, “Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Remixes” EP, available on iTunes, Amazon, and all the usual digital services.

Dick Mills

Dick Mills joined the BBC in 1956 as a Technical Assistant and the Radiophonic Workshop in 1958 where he remained until 1993. He assisted Delia Derbyshire in the creation of the original Doctor Who theme and in 1971 became responsible for creating special sound on the program until 1989. He is the most credited person in Doctor Who history. Most of the iconic sound effects throughout the series are his creation! We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Mills join us for L.I. Who 2.

Jason Haigh-Ellery

Jason Haigh-Ellery is the Executive Producer of Big Finish Productions, the producers of full cast adventures of classic Doctor Who stories in audio form. Now celebrating their fifteenth year, Big Finish features other sci-fi and literary audio productions such as Blake’s 7, Highlander, Stargate, Sherlock Holmes, and numerous others. Jason is also the co-founder and owner of Planet 55 Studios, the animators of several missing Doctor Who episodes for the DVD range. Jason has been a director, producer, or executive producer on dozens of audio dramas, radio programs, television productions, and theater productions internationally.

Tony Lee

Tony is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author with a career including Doctor Who and Star Trek for IDW, Spider-Man and X-Men for Marvel, Superboy for DC Comics, MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet with show creator Lee David Zlotoff for Image, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: The GN for Del Rey, and Battlestar Galactica for Dynamite Entertainment.

With a new career emerging in film and TV screenwriting in both the UK and the US, he’s also the screenwriter of several film and television productions including The Mild Bunch, with Colin Baker and Frazer Hines attached to star in, The Last Moriarty, co-created with Lee David Zlotoff, and The Nest, co-created with Alaina Huffman (Stargate Universe, Supernatural).

More Guests

John Peel (War of the Daleks, Legacy of the Daleks)

David J. Howe (Telos Publishing)

Nev Fountain (Big Finish Productions)



Arnold T. Blumberg (ATB Publishing)
Deborah Stanish (Chicks Unravel Time / Verity Podcast)
Graeme Burk (Who is the Doctor / Who’s 50)
Robert Smith? (Who’s 50 / Outside In)
Tara O’Shea (Chicks Dig Time Lords)
Sam Stone (Kat on a Hot Tin Airship / The Darkness Within)
Christopher Gullo (In All Sincerity, Peter Cushing)
Clive Young (Homemade Hollywood)


Tara Carstensen (and her Tardis)
Barnaby Edwards (from DWNY)
Joshua Lou Friedman (filmmaker)
Stephen Gostelow (Dalek)
Shaun Lyon (Gallifrey One)
Cat Smith (performer)
Brian Terranova (filmmaker)

Doctor Who Comics Guests

Nick Abadzis (Titan Comics writer)
Simon Fraser (Titan Comics artist)
Robert Hack (artist)
Matthew Dow Smith (artist)
Kelly Yates (artist)


David Hooie (Hoo On Who)
Erik Stadnik (The Writers’ Room)
Josh Zimon (The Memory Cheats)
Lewis Bailey (The Happiness Patrol)
Charles Martin (The Happiness Patrol)
Michelle Elbert (The Happiness Patrol)
Nancy Alegria (The Happiness Patrol)