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Hello again,

I promised you an update on the 2020 convention. So many things have changed in our world and continue to change daily. As we move through the year 2020 it’s becoming clear that holding an in-person convention is too challenging to be feasible in the near future. Many other events large and small are postponing or cancelling. I believe it is the smartest course of action to play it safe and postpone our November 2020 event.

Don’t worry, we will still hold another convention! I’m posting this information so you can save the date.

Our new date for the next Long Island Doctor Who convention is the weekend of November 20th-21st, 2021. Once again it will be a smaller, more up close and personal event like the one we hosted in 2019. It’s now called L.I. Who presents: Time-Flight 2021

Please continue to follow us on social media to stay updated and learn about the online events we’re hosting or are involved with. 

I look forward to seeing you in person soon!

Ken Deep
Showrunner of Time-Flight 2021
A Doctor Who event on Long Island