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Father’s Day 2021 UPDATE

We’ve added a few guests to the convention guest page and it’s appropriate for Father’s Day here in the U.S. The godfather of the Long Island Doctor Who convention returns (of course!) Frazer Hines joins us this November. Michael Troughton also returns to Long Island to help celebrate his father’s legacy and talk about his career as well. Please keep in mind that guest appearances are subject to change and are subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this year especially.

Speaking of pandemic restrictions, registration is taking place in blocks. The first block of passes SOLD OUT in record time! Thank you. The State of New York has eased pandemic restrictions this month and we will be opening registration again. The second block of passes goes on sale Friday, July 2nd, at 12pm eastern time. Space is limited, so don’t miss out on the return of your Long Island Doctor Who convention.

Ken Deep
Showrunner of Time-Flight 2021
Long Island’s Doctor Who convention

June 2021 Update

Things are moving fast! We’ve already announced the venue for this year’s convention. Our host hotel is the brand new Holiday Inn Long Island – Islip Airport East in Holtsville, New York. The construction is complete and it’s shiny and new! We have an extraordinary convention rate of $119 per night, plus tax. The room block is now open and you can make a reservation by using the link on the hotel page on our website. Use the code DWA when you book.

The first block of general admission passes go on sale beginning Saturday June 12th at 12pm eastern time. Since this is an unusual year and COVID restrictions may still be in effect, we will be releasing the passes in limited batches. We will use the rule of thumb “Last in / first out” if it becomes necessary to reduce our number of attendees. If that scenario becomes a reality, we will offer those pass holders a full refund minus any fees that are not in our control. This reduction is unlikely, but it is a possibility.

It’s more important than ever to buy your passes early. Your support will help move us forward in building this year’s convention. Money is tight for everyone these days and we’ve kept that in mind. Adult weekend passes are only $49 and for children 12 and under passes are only $20! As an added incentive for buying your pass on day one we will again offer a special first day perk. The exclusive “Day One” designer ribbon is only available for people who purchase their pass in the first 24 hours!

The first guest announcements will also happen beginning in June. Remember that guest announcements may not be as forthcoming as we want them to be. Most of our guests are U.K. based and travel restrictions may delay their commitment. We may not have as many guests as we’ve had in the past and some may not be announced until closer to November. All guest appearances are subject to restrictions that may be out of our control. This will be a year for patience and flexibility.

See you in November!

Ken Deep
Showrunner of Time-Flight 2021
A Doctor Who event on Long Island

May 2021 Update

As I write this in May 2021, we are moving forward with holding an in-person convention this November 20-21, 2021. It’s very early in this process and I know you have a million questions. I’ll try to answer as many as I can.

The most important thing I can do is set expectations for what this year’s event will look like. There is so much uncertainty with how the world will be in November that we cannot take a substantial financial risk. The convention will be another smaller event, similar to what we held in 2019. The State of New York may still have limitations on capacity and this could significantly reduce the number of attendees we are allowed to host. This means that tickets will be limited and may be released in blocks as the state relaxes rules on attendance.

Travel restrictions may hamper plans for our international guests. That, combined with a strict budget, means we may have fewer guests than we’ve had in the past. Some stars might not commit until the last minute. The positive side is that our budget can increase as additional blocks of passes go on sale. I’ll say thank you right now to the people who buy their passes early!

So many of you have expressed a desire to reunite with your friends in-person and we can’t wait to see everyone again. Masks may still be required, but we can have some fun with it. Make your mask part of your creative process in getting ready for the con. Like the ribbons of past conventions, masks are the new ribbons! It can be an ice breaker or the extension of your personality. Let’s have fun with it. Doctor Who creature effects artists have been wearing masks for years and now it’s our turn. We will have prizes for the most unique masks!

The number one question seems to be: will vaccinations be required? Our event will comply with all local, state, and federal requirements. Vaccinations are highly suggested and Doctor Who fans are sciency, so you probably already have it. If you are unable to get the shot or feel uncomfortable attending an event for any reason you shouldn’t attend this year.

We will be announcing our venue in the coming weeks and passes will go on-sale in the early summer. Like in previous years we will have an incentive for purchasing your passes on day one. This will be a challenging year. Please be patient and understanding with us. Answers to your questions may take time and changes could be made to satisfy factors that are outside of our control.

Attempting a convention this year is a risk. It’s my hope that you will roll the dice with us and buy your passes early. Your commitment is the best way to ensure that a Doctor Who convention on Long Island has a future. During the pandemic many of you faced financial hardships. We hear you and in return for your continued support, we will be reducing our weekend admission price. Gallifreyan Events doesn’t offer refunds on purchases of passes unless the convention is cancelled for some reason, but they are transferable.

I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone back this November and show off my geeky mask collection!

Ken Deep
Showrunner of Time-Flight 2021
A Doctor Who event on Long Island