Preliminary Panels

2024 Preliminary Panels

L.I. Who + Fan Participation programming 2024  

Here is a list of possible panels. Would you like to be a panelist on fan discussion panels at the L.I. Who convention? You can apply to be a panelist on any of these if you’ve already purchased your convention pass. Please email

Please include your full name, The panel titles you are interested in, which days of the con you will be attending (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Deadline for panelist applications is 7/15/24. You will be notified in early August if you’ve been chosen.

The Convention Hours are Friday 4:00 pm to midnight, Saturday 10:00 am to midnight and Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Programming starts early and runs very late. Good luck!

Murdoch Mysteries: Canada's Accidental Love Letter to Doctor Who
Murdoch Mysteries throughout the years has featured not only science fiction with an Edwardian twist but also uses historical what-ifs and biographical fanfiction for storytelling. We'll discuss fave episodes and the thematic links between Doctor Who and Murdoch Mysteries.

The Art of the Fan
Do you like to sketch, draw, or paint? Have you ever drawn, painted, or made something related to Doctor Who?  Then come out and meet some of our convention fan artists as they share their stories, talents, and art with us, plus their love of Doctor Who.  Let's discover the Art of the Fan in all of us.

There's Always A Twist at the End
Musical numbers in TV episodes have been a trend all the way from when Mandy Patinkin started singing on Chicago Hope all the way up through the recent Doctor Who great big 60s dance number. Let's look back on those TV shows that suddenly turned into musicals for an hour. Which ones that worked, which ones that didn't, and why?

The TARDIS Wardrobe & Characterization
Doctor Who has always used costumes to communicate characterization, but the language of clothing has changed from Classic Who to Modern Who. We'll discuss how the clothing of the Doctor and main companions has evolved over time and how costumes communicate information about their personalities and circumstances. This is a panel more about the design of costumes versus how to replicate them in cosplay/costuming.

LGBTQ+ Experience In and Around Doctor Who
Doctor Who has been especially supportive of LGBTQ+ issues, as evidenced by writer, cast and character diversity, inclusive episode storylines, and, of course, the fan community itself. Join us for an intimate conversation about trans, gay, lesbian and omnisexual themes in and around the world of Doctor Who. (mature audiences of 16+)

Whovian Family Values and the Passing Down of Fandom
Parenting as a Doctor Who fan, when and how to expose kids to the program, bringing significant others and family members into the fandom, and the rewards of a multi-generational “Passing Down” of Doctor Who fandom.

Euros Lyn
Come join us to discuss the work of director Euros Lyn, both on Doctor Who and elsewhere!

Alternate Lives with the TARDIS
Let’s discuss the stories in which the Doctor or their companion live out a whole life (which is generally then erased or rewritten, or turns out not to be real in the first place). How do we—as viewers—examine a life story that the character may or may not remember? Are these experiences “real”? We’ll talk about “Human Nature”/”Family of Blood,” “Forest of the Dead,” “The Girl Who Waited,” “Last Christmas,” “73 Yards”—and any other examples you bring!

You’re growing veg in here!”
Farming in Doctor Who. From wired-up trees in an oxygen farm to dangerous compost machines, Doctor Who shows a wide array of different visions of agriculture. Let’s compare and talk about them! What do farms look like on colony planets? On spaceships? In the future?

Doctor Who at Sea (or Space)
How does Doctor Who use the tropes and conventions of shipboard stories? Join us to talk about nautical stories such as “Enlightenment,” “Curse of the Black Spot,” “Voyage of the Damned,” and any other examples you’d like to discuss!

Horrible Histories
Doctor Who has gone from "pure" historicals in the very early days of the show to "squint and you can almost see the historical elements" in the new series, especially with a famous "guest star" character. Now that we're into a third era of the show, are the historical based elements working at all, especially in light of episodes like Devil's Chord and Rogue.

Are the Daleks Still Terrifying?
Sixty-plus years after their debut — and the popularity of Dalekmania — we've seen Daleks do just about everything onscreen and in extended media. But after all this time, are they still scary? And where would we like to see our favorite pepperpots go next?

Folk Magic and Fairy Tales in Doctor Who
The current season is not the first time magic was used in Doctor Who. Image of the Fendahl is a classic story that explained folk superstitions. What are some others?

From Companions to Found Families
During the Classic Years, the emphasis was always on the Companions - who qualified as one, which were the best - while only occasionally on other helpers. Has there been more or less emphasis in NuWho on people met along the way, especially with recurring characters?

How Much Is Not Enough? Minimalist Storytelling In Doctor Who
what happens when they don't give you enough information? Is this kind of writing new to the show? Is it on the increase? Does it matter?

Big Finish: Oh Yes It Is! It's Bernice Summerfield!
Big Finish wouldn't be Big Finish without the intrepid archeologist who helped start it all. Let's spend some time discussing Benny, her place at Big Finish and within the Doctor Who Universe.

Big Finish: And What About....?
A panel to discuss Big Finish's non Doctor Who ranges. From Adam Adamant to Survivors, everything non-Who is open for discussion.

The Doctor and The Avengers
What would it be like if the Doctor met agents John Steed and Emma Peel from the TV series The Avengers? Though never fully realized, there has been some official and not so official crossovers in short stories, novels, and fan fiction.  Plus many actors/actresses, most notably Jon Pertwee, appeared in both shows.  Come and explore the crossovers of these two highly successful series.

Comfort Who is a Doctor Who Spin on Comfort Food
The Panel will explore the emotions experienced through everyday situations (a break up, bad day at work, won the lottery, etc.) and choose Classic and Modern Who episodes that can bring a comfort.

Underrated Companions of the Doctor
Part of the joy in following a show that spans over six decades is discussing the missed opportunities. Some companions and side characters were worthy of further exploration. We discuss the possibilities!

JNT: Friend or Enemy (or Frenemy)?
Longtime Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner was a complicated person. His involvement with the show went beyond just his time as producer. Some of his ideas worked, some didn’t, and some drove us nuts. A lively discussion as colourful as the Hawaiian shirts he was famous for wearing.

Is Doctor Who too Woke?
Political and social commentary is no stranger to science fiction and Doctor Who has a long tradition of message television. Some modern critics and online commentators are having a negative reaction to the direction the show is heading. Is this something new or has it always been there? A polite and respectful discussion of contemporary topics.

Never Mind Hogwarts - What Does Your Favourite Doctor Say About Your Personality?
We all seem to love labeling personality archetypes with things like spirit animals or Hogwarts Houses...what does your favourite Doctor say about you? Is this a thing? Could we make it a thing?

Who’s Canon
Modern showrunners have been exciting long time fans by canonization of characters not originally created by the television series. Let’s discuss our favourites and who we would like to see become canon in future series.

Who’s Richard E. Grant, He’s Not New to Who
He played the Tenth Doctor in The Curse of Fatal Death and voiced an animated version of the Ninth Doctor in the webcast animation Scream of the Shalka. He later appeared as Doctor Walter Simeon and the Great Intelligence. Grant is one of few actors to have played two separate incarnations of the Doctor……Outside the Doctor Who universe, and of course Grant appeared in the 1987 cult film Withnail and I, opposite Eighth Doctor actor Paul McGann.

Not Happy! Why We Hate What We Love
Fans have an incredible attachment to their favourite shows, characters, movies, bands, whatever! But why do some people feel the need to bash the creative forces responsible for the thing they love?

Doctor Who Computer/Video Games
Are any of them, y'know, good? What has worked, what hasn't worked, why were Lego Dimensions/The Adventure Games/Doctor Who:Legacy successful while a lot of similar-ish games are notoriously bad (I think Doctor Who: Return To Earth for the Wii has a 19% Metacritic score. The Wiimote was basically a sonic screwdriver already, how did they mess that one up?!?!)  Do any of the old ones hold up (did they hold up at the time?)  Is Fallout: Who Vegas/DWO Minecraft secretly the best Doctor Who game? etc.

Dinner and Drinks with the Doctor
What can you serve when watching a marathon of Fifth Doctor stories? What would a brunch with the Brigadier have to offer? What's the best wine pairing with Torchwood: Children of Earth? A panel of foodies and mixologists discuss menus that can complement a variety of Whovian viewing plans.

The Doctor/Companion Symbiosis
An archetypal look at the mutually beneficial relationship between Time Lord and friend(s) from classic and modern eras and what the balance between the two means for the characters, the story, and the viewer.

Let’s Talk About The Newest Season!
What were your favorite episodes? What’s going on with Ruby? [Insert unanswered questions here] Here, we will discuss theories and opinions on the newest Doctor Who series.

A “Safe Space” For Honest Critiques
There is such a thing as “toxic positivity”. We know not everyone is going to love every new thing that comes out of Doctor Who. In here, you can voice your honest opinions about the show’s new direction. Are you still not over the Timeless Children? How are we really feeling about RTD’s newest spin in the Doctor Who driver’s seat? Are you considering this reboot of Doctor Who a brand new show? Any and all concerns are valid, and we want to hear them.

Where Sci-Fi Meets Supernatural
Doctor Who is a fun sci-fi show, but it has had some supernatural elements incorporated into the show lately. Is this a new addition to the show? When have we seen episodes of Doctor Who that had some fantasy or the supernatural blended in? Where do we draw the line between sci-fi and supernatural stories?

Show Runners!
Who is your favorite show runner? Let’s compare the writing styles of Russel T Davies, Stephen Moffat, Chris Chibnall, and NEW Russel T Davies. How do they differ from each other? What do you love about them? What do you not so much love about them? What is your favorite story from each writer? Let’s discuss.

C.S. Lewis and Doctor Who
Focusing on Lewis's use of "bigger on the inside" concepts and how his religious humanism has a lot of resonance in the Doctor Who universe (Lewis's quote "you've never met a mere mortal" sounds very similar to the Doctor's "There's no such thing as an ordinary human."

The Sontarans: Send in The Clones
For a race that seeks time travel, they've appeared frequently throughout time. Here's a look at their various campaigns throughout The Whoniverse. .

Doctor Who and The Radio Times
This year marks 60 years of Doctor Who on the cover of The Radio Times. This panel will showcase those covers and present the long-lasting relationship between TV and a magazine. .

So Long, Farewell, and Adieu
Part of the longevity of Doctor Who is change, both for The Doctor and their travelling companion. It's been 60 years since the first departed The TARDIS, with many to follow. Here we showcase and discuss those departures. .

Bohemian Rhapsody: A celebration of the 4th Doctor
This year marks 50 years since The Fourth Doctor graced our screens with boggle eyed charisma. Let's celebrate with a look back at his adventures - including those on audio and print.

Doctor Who Magazine - Let's Raise A Guinness To Ye!!
For 45 years and over 600 issues - it's the magazine that keeps going. Time to celebrate the longest running magazine based on a TV series. It also provided a comic strip filled with memorable characters. Here, we'll look back at a legacy that's broken records.

Probing A Spin-off
PROBE was a multi-media spin-off of Doctor Who. What started as a home video series has expanded to audio and print... and it's still going 30 years later. Here we explore another aspect of The Whoniverse.

Favorite 8th Doctor Audio Stories
What are your favorite 8th Doctor stories on Big Finish.







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