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Preliminary Programming

As of Oct 3rd, 2021 (subject to change)

Would you like to be a panelist on fan discussion panels at the Time Flight convention? If you would like to apply to be a panelist on any of these, and you’ve already purchased your con ticket, please email gallifreyanprogramming@gmail.com

Please include your full name, The panel titles you are interested in, which days of the con you will be attending (Saturday Sunday). Deadline for panelist applications is 10/17/20. You will be notified in early November if you’ve been chosen.

The Convention Hours are Saturday 10 am to midnight and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. Programming starts early and runs very late. Good luck!


Still My Doctor: A Look Back at the Soon-To-Conclude Jodie Whitaker Era

A positive examination of what Jodie Whittaker brought to the role during a difficult transition period for Doctor Who.

Fans at the Controls: Is it Good for ‘Doctor Who’?
As we enter Series 13 (!!) of the “Doctor Who” revival, it’s clear that super-fans such as Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall, David Tennant, Peter Capaldi and other scriptwriters have influenced the show a great deal. Has putting a fan in charge ultimately been a good thing? And is it the right move for RTD to return?

RTD 2.0
For the first time ever a showrunner returns to Doctor Who. Russell T. Davies. We discuss the possibilities.

John Wiles Era: Genius or Wildman
John Wiles was the Doctor Who succeeded Verity Lambert as the second showrunner in the first Doctor’s era. He clashed with the first Doctor and his BBC bosses leading to his resignation. He was a showrunner ahead of his time; suggesting recasting the Doctor, shortening the serial length, using non-BBC English accents to characters, and darkening the stories.

Lockdown: How The Pandemic Influenced our Doctor Who viewing habits
Many of us used the extended COVID-19 lockdowns to take part in a Doctor Who pilgrimage  how did watching so much Who in a short time influence our thoughts on the series?

Holmes is Where The Heart Is
A look at how Robert Holmes’ many Classic Series scripts directly influenced the New Series, from the Auton invasion in “Spearhead From Space” up through the “Brain of Morbius” faces influencing The Timeless Children

Classic Who: An Essential Guide For New Series Viewers
Many classic series stories have directly influenced the new series – “Auton Invasion” and “The Green Death” directly influencing the RTD era, “Terror of the Zygons” having a heavy influence on Moffat, and “Brain of Morbius” and “Trial of a Time Lord” influencing Chibnall.

Whizzkid: Chris Chibnall’s Influence on Doctor Who
A discussion of what Chibnall has meant to the show, from his infamous TV appearance in 1986, his possible caricature in “Greatest Show in the Galaxy,” to his three seasons as show runner.

2021: A Year in Doctor Who books
Doctor Who original fiction is still being published  what can we learn about Doctor Who from the new novels that have been coming out?

Humans in Who
From declaring humans “quite my favorite species” to lamenting, “I picked another stupid ape,” the Doctor voices many opinions about human beings. How does Doctor Who depict humanity? What does the show suggest about our role in the universe?

Women in the Lab
Over the course of Doctor Who, we have seen lots of female scientists—even in the early days, when it was much less common than it is now to see female scientists on television. Come join us to talk about the many female scientists on Doctor Who!

“We’re All Stories in the End”
Consider the role of storytelling and narrative in Doctor Who: why is telling stories so important? This panel will discuss the importance of narrative in stories as disparate as “The Mind Robber” and “The Big Bang.”

It’s on everyone’s minds right now anyway, so let’s get together and talk about disease and plague on Doctor Who. We’ll consider stories like “The Ark” and “Praxeus,” among others!

Doctor Who in the Classroom
Any teachers in the crowd? Come and talk about how you have used Doctor Who episodes for teaching purposes! Which stories work well to illustrate an important concept? Which stories are accessible for students who don’t know anything about the show?

Ian and Barbara = Couple Goals
Come join us to celebrate and discuss the love story of Ian and Barbara (the first companions) —a progressive couple who also happen to be tons of fun!

Side Gig
Many of the companions on Doctor Who already had careers when they were whisked away in the TARDIS. The crew has included companions from all walks of professional life: teaching, computer science, police work, customer service, temp jobs…even bus driving. Come to the Side Gig panel to talk about the ways that the show uses (or sometimes fails to use) that knowledge and skill to improve the stories!

Gone Too Soon: The Legacy of the Eighth and War Doctor
While some Doctors have been on the show for one or more seasons. The Eighth Doctor & the War Doctor both got very limited screen time. What is the lasting impact of their on-screen presence? Should they have gotten spin offs? What would we have liked to have seen?

Doctor Who still for kids?
Doctor who was intended as a children’s show. That’s how the fan base started but we see more adults being the voice of what should and shouldn’t Doctor Who be along with more adult focused content. Is Doctor Who still for children?

Making a Home in Fandom (The Power of Finding Your Tribe)
Sharing stories of how we found like-minded people and friends in fandom.

Big Finish: Stronger through the pandemic
Big Finish has been releasing stories consistently through the pandemic with more Doctors than ever.  Let’s talk about our favorites and introduce the uninitiated to this vast other world of Doctor Who.

Big Finish: Classic vs Modern Who and its writers
Part 1. A team of panelists discuss the two factions of Big Finish and how well each has fit the existing canon. Part 2. A celebratory look at the writers of Big Finish.

Big Finish: Heros and Monsters
Big Finish has created many new characters to add to the Doctor Who universe. Which do we like? Will some ever make it to the TV series?

Defending the Undefendable
Sometimes the worst stuff is the best. We all have guilty pleasure episodes of Doctor Who that no one else likes. What are yours?

You never forget your first Doctor
Come join a lively discussion about how we discovered Doctor Who and what made us fall in love with it. It doesn’t matter where you starting in the saga or when because it’s all a little timey whimey.

“Pure” vs “Pseudo” Historicals
A discussion of stories with no alien presence along with more recent “celebrity” historicals.

Six Ideas NuWho should steal from Old Who
From production styles to how to handle three companions to long-neglected enemies and beyond! What would we like to see?

For the Love of Doctor Who Reconstructions
The new DW animations are all the rage, but sometimes less information fires more imagination. For a lot of still-missing stories, reconstructions are a fan labor of love and the only way to “see” some classic Who.

Pitching the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special
What can we expect? Will it be as big as the 50th? Let’s hear your casting and story ideas!

Space Junk: Un-resolved Storylines That Left Us Hanging
From Lady Me and Undead Clara to the Doctor’s Daughter to coming back for Susan … plot lines and promises we’d love to see resolved or at least revisited!

Interminable: the ever-lengthening gap between seasons
While appreciating the unique challenges of the past two years, the seasons are slowly getting shorter and the gaps getting longer. Is this killing the show? How might the gap be mitigated? Is it time for another spin-off? These and other ideas explored!

Healing Through Cosplay
The many ways dressing up as our favorite characters bolsters our emotional health and raises our self-esteem.

Doctor Who: The Debates
Two volunteers from the audience, under the guidance of a moderator will debate various Doctor Who controversies. Often debated questions may include “Are Big Finish Stories Canon for Doctor Who?” or “Should there be romance in Doctor Who?”. One panelist would be pro and the other against.

The Underrated Companions
Let’s explore some of the short lived or less popular TARDIS traveling companions. Are they underrated in their contributions to the Who-niverse or just  under appreciated.

One-Hit Monsters and Classic Villains
Which monsters who only made one television appearance are most (or least) deserving of a return? And which Classic Doctor Who villain or villains should be brought into modern who and why?

Doctor Who Novelty songs
Well listen to songs about Doctor Who and discuss them. The panelists will come up with the top 3 at the end of the panel based on theirs and audience opinion.

It’s All Canonical Now
The Doctor has name dropped companions and adventures not seen on TV. They happened and did exist but from where? Find out here as we discuss what can be surmised about the unseen adventures.

The Many Faces of David Tennant
A look at the 10th Doctor and his many roles outside of the TARDIS.

Who Across the Generations
One of the best things about Doctor Who is that it is truly a family show. Parents can share it with their kids, kids can share it with their parents, and the show itself transcends generational ageism at every turn, to bring people together. Join us as we explore this, using not just Who, but The Sarah Jane Adventures, and get perspectives from multiple generations of fans!

The Timeless Children
This 13th Doctor story is considered by some to be a good story line. Come listen to the reasons why. (Special note: hurling of rotten fruit and verbal abuse is not permitted. This will be a civil discussion.)

Star Cops: It Won’t Be Easy
Chris Boucher’s short lived TV series flies again on audio thanks to Big Finish. We discuss the 80’s TV series and the 21st century audio dramas. Where is it all going?

Is Chibnall the new Pip and Jane Baker
Chris Chibnall once critiqued the married scribes as a young man. Now it’s his turn. Pip and Jane aren’t here to try him, but we are!

The Red Cloth of Death
Was the Fifth Doctor reign the ending of an era? Caves of Androzani brought the Fifth Doctor’s run to an end. We revisited the final days of the Davison era.

Penetration Zero
An examination of the Third Doctors first season and its pinnacle with “Inferno.” The Third Doctor’s opening season began a new era in the show’s history. “Inferno” capped an amazing debut and we’re here for it.

The 3rd Doctor: Outer Space James Bond (part of Spyfall Sunday)
The name is Smith, Doctor John Smith! He’s the man with the golden…. err never mind. You know his name. From Gallifrey with love.

Peladon at 50
2022 marks 50 years of Peladon stories! Since “The Curse of Peladon” was originally conceived as a comment on the then-current subject of Britain’s uncertainty about entering the European Union, a panel based around its anniversary seems very appropriate in a post-Brexit world.

The Master at 50
2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the first appearance of the Master. How has the character changed over time, and what essential qualities have remained consistent across incarnations?  How has each version reflected the Doctor they appeared with, and the times during which their stories were made?

Artificial Intelligence in Doctor Who
From mad computers, to companions, to unwitting antagonists who are following their programming, how has A.I. been featured in Doctor Who over the years, and what themes emerge about attitudes toward it over time?

Passion to Profit: How to monetize your Geeky Talents
There are ways to take your passion for Geekdom and creativity and make it a business. A panel of successful or aspiring fellow fans have integrated Geek Culture into their business.

Race and the Doctor
Discussion of the show’s portrayal of non-white ethnicities. What worked, what didn’t, and how to improve today’s Doctor Who for a more inclusive audience. Examples from classic and modern eras will be discussed.

Making your own Doctor Who Fan Film or working on one
Did you ever want to make a DW film or would you like to participate in the making of one?  Come hear what it takes to do it or sign up for a very special film being made right now by our presenter.

Doctor Who for Adults
Is there certain content in Doctor Who that is only for adults or that adults can understand. Let’s discuss.

Doctor Who and the Scientific Romance
A Look into the Writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells: The science fiction genre owes much to the writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells: from the vehicle of fantastic description, to the figure of the eccentric inventor. In this presentation, we discuss which movements in history and culture gave birth to science fiction in the first place..

The Talons of Weng-Chiang – An Important Reexamination of a Supposedly Stone-Cold Classic
Doctor Who has had an uncomfortable relationship with Asian culture throughout its history, but The Talons of Weng-Chiang remains the most notorious example of them all. So in light of the recent wave of violence against people of Asian descent, a reexamination of this serial must be made.

Tik Tok goes the Clock (AV)
One of the many things Whovians did to keep entertained during the pandemic was turn to TIKTOK for fun. Join us while we share some of our favorites and yours and have some laughs

Loki: Man, Woman, Alligator, Apocalypse, Jet Ski
A charismatic god-like alien with no regard for rules coming up against rigid rule-bound bureaucrats in charge of all of time and space. A handsome time traveling renegade with a British accent who winds up interacting with other incarnations of himself. A criminal with a blue box. No, it’s not Doctor Who, it’s the new Disney+ series Loki. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of season 1, where we think things might go in future for our MCU (anti) heroes, and whether it really is (as many have claimed) “the American Doctor Who with a budget”.

Space 1999 The TV series becomes a Big Finish audio series
The seminal Brit space series predated Star Wars and is nearly 45 years old. Big Finish launched a revival in the audio play format. Lets talk about the TV series and its future with Big Finish.

Cosplay on a Budget
You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy expressing your fandom. Come learn how.

How has Doctor Who changed your life?
We’re all here for a reason. What’s your story?

Classic Doctor Who parody
Fandom expresses itself in many, many ways. Parody is the funny way!

Characters on the Spectrum
We discuss neurodiversity in characters on screen and the hopes for increased focus on these traits.

In Memorium
Celebrating the lives of Doctor Who family we lost since 2019

Drafting a TARDIS team
Panelists take turns drafting their perfect TARDIS team and explain why theirs is the best, only companions and Doctors can only be selected once.

Doctor Who inspired recipes
Panelists share their favorites with each other and the audience. There are more than two Bakers in Doctor Who:

Unfounded Rumor Mill
Panelist discuss their favorite DW rumors that never came to pass and make up some doozies of their own.

The Infinite Closet of the TARDIS
From silver catsuits to bowties, Doctor Who’s costuming department has been cranked to 13 for almost 60 years. Join our panel as they discuss the sci-fi fashion do’s and don’ts of Doctor Who.